Name: Tariq Julfiker Born in 01-12-1979, Jessore, Bangladesh. Sex : Male Age : 27 Mothers Name : Rahana Jahangir Fathers Name: Jalal Uddin Muhammad Jahangir Phone: +8801711472076 email: printertariq@yahoo.com
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About my work

I realize art is an intellectual activity, a sustained inquiry in to myself and the world. I feel the artist life is full of commitment. Art must become absolute obsession - and this passion become my inspiration. Art is not just the artists mouth piece of communicating to the viewer. We as artists play an extremely important role in our society. Most artists think deeply about what is going on around them or inside them, and because we are fluent in visual language we have the awesome privilege of sharing our visions with other people. The major theme of my art work that is content of social situation of our time and salvation from the stagnant time.

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